IBD Road to Paris Swatch

I guess the best way to start this lil’ ol’ blog of mine is with a nail polish swatch. This beauty is IBD Road to Paris. It was on my wish list for a long time. It’s a beautiful pink shimmer with a purple undertone. The shimmer is almost a copper color and it is so pretty.


Swatch: 1 coat IBD Whipped Cream, 3 coats IBD Road to Paris

This nail polish is pretty sheer. I knew this beforehand so I made sure to do a coat of white as a base. I think it does a good job of making the road to paris look more opaque, but honestly I wish I had done 4 coats of road to paris instead of just 3.

Fading: I haven’t noticed any type of fading on my nails and I’ve been wearing it for almost two weeks as of today. However, I also have it on my toenails and it has faded to an almost brown color. I guess the copper shimmer becomes stronger over time? I’m not really sure, but my sister-in-law has this same color and after a week it looked brown on her too. I don’t know if my nails were spared the color changing because of my white base, but I am grateful because this color is beautiful. Definitely a keeper.


2 thoughts on “IBD Road to Paris Swatch

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